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Certification of completion

TAC-16.4.90.D Rule 90.49 (b)

A program provider that offers or provides a court-ordered program may provide the certificate to the participant by regular mail or present it to the participant after successful completion of the course. A program provider shall not provide a certificate to a participant by electronic means


If you require a DUPLICATE Certificate:

There is a $30 fee for a duplicate Certification of Completion

You must have participated in the program within the last three years to obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Completion.

You must submit your request for duplicate Certificate of Completion by email or organization portal.

You must provide the following information for you request to be accepted:

                Full Name

               Complete Address

                Phone Number

               Cause Number

               Prosecuting County

               Supervision County

               Dates of Attendance

At the discretion of Texas Offender Education Services, you may be required to provide additional identifying information to substantiate your request.

Upon receipt of the request for Duplicate Certification of Completion, Texas Offender Education Services will direct the former participant to a payment portal for payment of the $30 Duplicate Certification of Completion Fee.

A mailing address can also be provided for payment.  

After payment has been received, within 10 business days, Texas Offender Education Services will use due diligence to verify the requestor/ participants attendance and issue a duplicate certificate of Completion by regular mail. By request, Texas Offender Education Services, at the requestor/participant’s cost, may use alternate/expedited shipping as available and reasonable.