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Screenings and Assessments

Substance Abuse Screenings

What They Are:

Substance Abuse Screenings are brief procedures used to identify individuals who may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. These screenings typically consist of a series of questions or a simple test, which can be administered by healthcare providers, counselors, or other professionals.

How They Are Used: 

As an initial step to detect possible substance-related issues, often leading to a more detailed assessment if needed.

Why They Are Important: 

They enable early detection of substance abuse, aiding in prompt intervention and prevention of more serious addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Assessments

What They Are

Drug and Alcohol Assessments are thorough evaluations used to understand the nature and extent of an individual’s substance use. They go beyond screenings by looking at a person’s medical history, psychological state, family dynamics, and more. These assessments often include interviews, physical exams, and sometimes laboratory tests.

How They Are Used: 

To gain a detailed understanding of a person’s substance use, forming the basis for a personalized treatment plan.

Why They Are Important: 

These assessments provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s situation, allowing for targeted and effective treatment, tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

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“At Texas Offender Education Services, we are committed to providing top-notch court-ordered including DWI Education and Drug Offense Education Programs, as well as Screening and Assessments and Alcohol and Drug evaluations across the great state of Texas. We are especially proud to serve our home county of Williamson and equally as proud to offer our services in Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar, Travis, Collin, Hidalgo, El Paso, Denton, and Fort Bend. Whether you reside in bustling Houston or vibrant San Antonio, we offer convenient and regulated courses designed to meet your requirements and needs. Our programs are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, ensuring compliance with state mandates.”

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